This series of design objects developed for my master thesis takes a critical look at how souvenirs represent and convey place and memory. With a touch of irony and a new approach to function, aesthetics and preconceptions, these mock souvenirs for Guatemala aim to provide food for thought to curious observers. ⬇ scroll down

The Favela Wallpaper reminds the traveler on the impressive view of the ghetto of the poorest by bringing it into his home.

The Corruption Glove is designed to remember the traveler how necessary corruption can be to accomplish ordinary errands in Guatemala and can be used as a little helper.

By wearing the huge lazercutted jewellery, the traveler can take a part of the proud christian mentality of the Guatemalans home.

With a Safety Card the traveler can let his beloveds at home know that he is safe behind walls, fences and security men in the place with one of the world wide highest crime rates.

The Cocaine Volcano is not only a reminder on the beautiful volcanos that shape the landscape and the huge amounts of cocaine being traded through Guatemala but also a stylized tool to smuggle his own.

With the Car Wash Toys the traveler can teach his kids that car washing is a very common way to get food and a place to sleep for Guatemalan street kids.